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Warren Buffett
CEO and President
Berkshire Hathaway
Stef Wertheimer
Stef Wertheimer
Founder and Honorary
Chairman IMC Group
Jacob Harpaz
Jacob Harpaz
President IMC Group
Eitan Wertheimer
Eitan Wertheimer
Chairman - IMC Group

From the Past... to the Present

ISCAR is a producer of unique and innovative cutting tools for metalworking, including turning, grooving, milling, hole making, boring and threading tools. The company was founded in 1952 by Stef Wertheimer in an old shack that he rented,. After several years of steady expansion, the company headquarters moved to its current site in the Tefen Industrial Zone, situated in Israel's Western Galilee.
ISCAR has expanded from a single marketing and manufacturing facility in Israel to a multinational company with representation in over 50 countries.
The innovation that has made the company one of the fastest growing in the industry stems from the creative thinking of ISCAR's employees. Throughout ISCAR, hard-working individuals apply themselves to the creation of efficient, practical and economical solutions for clients all over the world.

Into the Future

ISCAR's success and growth continue as a result of innovation and a desire to provide customers with the very latest, most efficient metal cutting technology in the world. They maintain manufacturing facilities for special tools and inserts in the Americas, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Turkey and Israel.
In addition, the company has computerized warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia.
Over the past 60 years, ISCAR has catapulted from a small niche supplier to one of the world's leading manufacturers of metalworking tools.

Berkshire Hathaway

In May of 2006 the Berkshire Hathaway company purchased 80% of the IMC Group, of which ISCAR is the largest company.
In May of 2013 Berkshire Hathaway purchased the remaining 20% of the IMC Group and now owns 100% of the IMC Group of companies.
Berkshire Hathaway is an extremely large holding company that oversees and manages a number of subsidiary companies.
Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska in the USA, Berkshire Hathaway is directed by Warren Buffett, who is one of the most celebrated investors in history. In the early part of his career at Berkshire, he focused on long-term investments in publicly quoted stocks, but more recently has turned to buying whole companies.

ISCAR Tooling Upgrades

ISCAR has been introducing a myriad of new products, each one aiming for the 3 P's: higher Productivity, Profitability and Performance.
Some of the foremost features of these new products:
• New grades and coatings to enable cutting tools to machine faster, run cooler, resist built-up edge and last longer.
• New geometries to reduce cutting forces, save energy, improve chip control and provide more edges per insert.
• More versatile multifunction tools to support the "complete machining" trend on CNC mill-turn centers.
• Stronger self-clamping designs on stationary tools, enabling them to withstand heavy duty interrupted cuts.