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      ISOTURN INSERTS  Negative Chipformers         Chipformer for heavy machining applications on stainless steel. The inserts

                                                      M4MW Chipformer
                                                    feature a very positive radial helical cutting edge and a positive rake angle.
                                                       TF Chipformer

                                                    Double-sided positive rake angles to prevent strain hardening. The rake angle varies
                                                    along the edge to a negative angle which prevents chipping. Special design reduces
                                                    cratering. Used for carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel and high-temp alloys.
                                                      M3M Chipformer
                                                    Double-sided insert for medium machining on stainless steel with a reinforced
                             11°                    cutting edge that prevents notch wear at tight radii to increase tool life.

                                                       VL Chipformer
           16°                                      High positive rake and a special edge preparation used for rough and finish turning on
                                                    high temperature alloys. Excellent performance on parts such as automotive valves.

                                                       PP Chipformer
                                                    Double-sided, very positive rake, sharp- and positive radial edge for heat-
                       13°                          resistant alloys, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and soft, low carbon steel.

                                                        A Chipformer

                                                    Flat inserts, used for short chipping materials such as cast iron.

                                                      EM-M Chipformer
                                                    Double-sided sharp cutting edge with a 16º positive rake angle
                       5˚  16˚                      for machining high temperature alloys at ap<.118”.

                                                      M3N Chipformer

                                                    Polished and extra sharp positive insert for machining aluminum
                                                    and non-ferrous materials for medium applications.
                                                       12 Chipformer
              10    .003”
            21                                      Single-sided for medium to rough machining on aluminum and soft materials.

                                                       R3P Chipformer
                                                    Chipbreaker for rough machining on steel with a positive rake angle and
                                 13.5°              reinforced cutting edge for better performance and longer tool life.

                                                       NR Chipformer
                .016”                               Double-sided sharp cutting edge with a 13º positive rake angle
                    11                              for machining high temperature alloys at ap < .236”.

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