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             Negative Chipformers
                                                           SF Chipformer
                     .024”                             A unique super finishing chipformer that controls chip flow at very low   ISOTURN INSERTS
                      18˚                              feeds and cutting depths. Designed to reduce crater wear.

                                                          F3P Chipformer
                       .004”                           Double-sided insert with a positive rake angle to reduce
                            6°                         cutting forces for finish machining on steel.
                                                           NF Chipformer

                       .016”                           Double-sided for semi-finishing and finishing applications. Low cutting
                   4º                                  forces are due to a very sharp edge and positive rake.
                                                          F3M Chipformer
                     .006”  15°
                                                       Double-sided insert with a positive rake angle for finish machining on stainless steel.
                                                       Its unique deflector geometry with a wavy surface prevents chip hammering.

                                                          GN Chipformer
                                                       Double-sided for general applications. Secure cutting edge for
                                                       medium and semi-roughing on steel and cast iron.

                                                          F3S Chipformer

                                                       Chipbreaker with positive rake angle for finish
                          20°                          machining superalloys and exotic materials.

                                                          F3N Chipformer

                                                       Polished and extra sharp positive insert for machining aluminum
                                                       and non-ferrous materials for finishing applications.
                                                          WF Chipformer

                                                       Wiper geometry for high feed finishing on soft and gummy materials. Small depths of cut.
                                                         M4PW Chipformer
                               14º                     Double-sided for roughing applications. Feed range: .010 in/rev to .032 in/rev.
                                  17º                  Depth of cut from .08 to .40”.

                                                          M3P Chipformer
                    .004”                              Double-sided insert for medium machining on steel with
                            11°                        a reinforced cutting edge to increase tool life.

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