DGNC - Parting Insert with Direct Jet Cooling

    ISCAR has upgraded the DO-GRIP parting insert.
    The insert features a coolant hole that passes through the insert, with an outlet near the cutting edge. The DGNC inserts have been designed for parting and grooving on stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

    When machining stainless steel or high temperature alloys, the temperature near the cutting edge becomes very high.
    These materials tend to adhere to the cutting edge, causing built-up edge. This phenomenon can be reduced or even eliminated, by efficient cooling of the cutting edge.
    In grooving and parting applications, there is a problem that the chip prevents the coolant from reaching the cutting edge.
    The DGNC inserts represent an ideal solution, as they have a coolant hole through the insert with an outlet near the cutting edge.

    The coolant reaches the cutting edge and the insert body is internally cooled.

    Materials such as titanium, Inconel, or austenitic stainless steel tend to strain hardening during the cutting process and they form long and tangled chips. The efficient coolant supplied to the cutting zone decreases flank and cratering rates. This leads to substantially longer tool life and a better machined surface finish. The coolant supply can be attached directly to the DGFH-C blades used on the regular blocks, or through the SGTBU-C blocks which have coolant passages and connecting ports. ISCAR currently offers 3 and 4 mm insert widths in the C- and J-type chipformer configurations with neutral and angular frontal cutting edges.

    The DGNC insert is the optimal solution for grooving and parting on high temperature alloys and on stainless steel.

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